Ernesto's talent is exemplified through his innate ability to play the violin, when at the age of five he began to play and nurture his musical skills. Ernesto’s ability evolved not only by years of classical training, but also through his parent's love for music, which only increased his devotion to the violin. 


Influenced by the likes of Didier Lookwood, Jean Luc Ponty, and more mainstream artists, Ernesto’s musical style has developed from classical to include latin, jazz, contemporary, modern rock sounds, EDM, and more.  

His unexpected ability and fine-tuned skill allow him to continue to enamor audiences while performing at live venues, amphitheaters, arenas, and restored vaudeville theaters around the nation. 


Appearing with live DJ's in various night clubs and thousands of corporate conventions around the world, Ernesto enjoys being a full time touring musician.


Determined to continue to help preserve music programs in Master Classes to students all across the country, giving him the opportunity to ensure that tomorrow’s generation has equal inspiration to encourage their musical talents. Through all his work and devotion to his instrument, Ernesto is branching out on his own. He is creating a musical experience that showcases the art of the violin. 


Ernesto plays the Wood Violins, 6 String Viper and, 5 String Zeta Jazz Fusion JLP and 4 String Glasser AE, strings provided by Larsen Strings, and custom in-ear monitors provided by Shure. 

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